Port Vale 0-1 Crewe reaction: fans criticise Brown and call Artell a disgrace

A round-up of comments following Port Vale’s disappointing home defeat to Crewe on Saturday…

Players and coaching staff

“The red card was a horrific challenge… We all know it’s a red   – the crowd don’t think it is, but that’s because they’re not that well-educated.”

David Artell

“My problem with the sending off is all the officials are saying it was a two-footed challenge, but it’s clear for all to see his left foot is planted and he possibly slipped slightly which raises his foot towards the knee. It looks dangerous, I do get that, but there’s minimal contact and the boy rolls around exaggerating the challenge.”

Michael Brown

Views from the OVF forum

” First of all he said on Radio Stoke that Vale fans were uneducated showing he has absolutely no class. Secondly, he said we only had one chance in the whole game showing he has no eyes. Thirdly, he was the only player who walked out on Vale when we went into administration showing he has absolutely no integrity…”


“Artell is a disgrace.”


“The enforced changes at half-time only served to show how wrong Brown got it from the start, playing with one up front and relying on the long ball to Pope. This may work away from home, as it did at Crawley, but it’s not the recipe for success at home. We are also repeating one of Brown’s cardinal errors from last season – playing people out of position and hoping the opposition don’t notice…”


“Brown get it into your head – Tom Pope can’t play as a lone striker. Play him with Pyke or turner and we might actually cause a side a few issues. Just look at the second-half! Today once again proved how clueless our manager and his assistant are. I think we’ve signed some good players for League 2. The likes of Worrall would’ve been good in League 1 but we continue to pick negative formations that simply don’t work with our personnel, pick players out of formation, and then call it “brave” when you change to what we should have started with!”


“Can’t believe we still don’t look like we are organised with a pattern of play other than a hit and hope to Pope… just not good enough.”


“I don’t think we can play Pope up front by himself, whilst his build-up play is good, he doesn’t have the turn of pace to make other teams sit a bit deeper, for Pope to work you need players bombing through from midfield which I don’t think we had today… I thought Worrall looked tidy first-half and looked to press on, almost in a number 10 role… second-half we looked much more lively with the introduction of Pyke, as Pope had someone with pace to scare the defences but most of all he was no longer isolated.


“Whenever Brown is on the radio I always have to ask myself; Did we go to the same game?”


“I’ve given Brown the benefit of the doubt but his tactics and selection cost us today.”


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