Ultimate Port Vale XI: the left-back

We’re asking Port Vale fans to select their finest-ever Valiants line-up and now it’s time to vote for the greatest left-back.

1. Rules and notes

  • There will be a dedicated forum discussion thread for each position (a link is below).
  • The forum discussion thread will have a poll attached containing the list of our shortlisted players. This makes it fair (one user one vote) and stops any outside influences (Stoke fans, we’re looking at you!) from trying to influence the poll as only registered forum users can vote
  • OVF will provide a shortlist of players that we think are suitable candidates.  However, if we have missed a candidate out and you make a compelling case for their inclusion we will add them to the poll.
  • A player will appear in their most common position (e.g. Neil Aspin played right-back but is more familiar as a centre-half; Robbie Earle played as a striker but is best-known as a midfielder)
  • The formation for the best-ever XI is a classic 4-4-2 formation
  • A player must have played 50 first-team games for the Valiants to qualify

2. The OVF Shortlist

Reg Potts: The left-back  in the famed 1953-54 side, locally-born “Dan” played for Vale for twelve years making 277 appearances. He won promotion in 1954 and played in an FA Cup semi-final.

Allen Tankard: After a scratchy start the £87,500 from Wigan developed into one of the club’s most reliable players making 275 appearances. He won promotion and the Autoglass Trophy at Vale.

Darren Hughes: One of the speediest defenders seen at Vale, the former Brighton man earned promotion in 1989 and was named as Phil Sproson’s favourite left-back.

Russell Bromage: A youth team graduate, Bromage made his debut at the age of 18 and played 347 games for the club. He won promotion in 1983 and again in 1986.

Ron Wilson: A Scottish footballer, signed from Stoke City, who played over 250 games and won promotion in 1970.

3. Time to place your vote

To place your vote you need to be a registered user of our forum and go to this forum thread

Voting closes in a month’s time.

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