Skipper Ben Purkiss still confident of beating relegation scrap

Skipper Ben Purkiss still confident of beating relegation scrap

Port Vale captain Ben Purkiss is still confident that the side can finish outside of the relegation places.

The 1-1 draw against Bristol Rovers and the 2-0 defeat against Millwall has made the situation pretty dire for Port Vale. The Valiants are currently in the relegation zone for the first time.

I think it is just that people, after every game, need to look at themselves and take responsibility…

Nevertheless, the skipper Ben Purkiss is confident in his team’s ability to avoid the looming relegation possibilities. If you share his confidence in Port Vale, bookies are offering plenty of free bets & betting offers for anyone to make the best of that confidence in the next game. Here’s what Purkiss had to say.

Each and every one of the remaining games will now play a pivotal role in determining where Port Vale will end up on the league table. On being asked if The Valiants have it in them to win the relegation scrap and turn things around from the next game, the skipper answered, “Very much so. Confidence might be a bit fragile at the moment because we are not turning that corner or seeing out the games. I think it is just that people, after every game, need to look at themselves and take responsibility. It’s ‘what can I do to give that extra five or 10 per cent to get my own house in order and then help the team.”

He believes that it’s time for the senior players like Sam Foley and himself to lead the young team forward. Purkiss further adds that he strongly believes in the character and commitment of his team, which should propel them forward if everyone just manages to step up and give in that extra bit of effort.

Luck was not on Vale’s side on Tuesday as the struggling team finished with not just a 2-0 defeat, but also two more injuries. Apart from midfielder Anthony De Freitas suffering a pulled groin, central defender Remie Streete suffered a more serious injury when he had to limp off with a fractured leg during the first half of the game.

Nevertheless, Purkiss added that “Players get injured and people have to be ready to step up now, including myself.”  In spite of the brave words, manager Michael Brown would be hoping against hope that the defender’s injuries are not severe enough for him to miss the remainder of the season.

Earlier in the month, Ben Purkiss had also pointed out that a poor pre-season conditioning was largely responsible for the current situation of Port Vale FC. He gave words to his feelings regarding the topic, when he said, “I felt pre-season was poor. I didn’t think the lads  were conditioned at all to approach the games and I think that has probably been reflected in performances at times.”

It is quite clear how ill-prepared The Valiants had become for the coming season under Bruno Ribeiro. The current coaching staff is working hard to make up for the mistakes of their predecessors but the team has effectively had to prepare a pre-season in the middle of the season!

Even though Vale are now in the bottom four, fans should find some cheer in the fact that their skipper isn’t ready to give up yet and is quite confident in spite of the precarious situation and the injuries. A lot rests with Michael Brown and his staff as they try their best to work with a team that isn’t as fit as it should be at this stage of the season.

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