OVF is backing the Masters of Art and Sport exhibition

OVF is backing the Masters of Art and Sport exhibition

The onevalefan.co.uk website (OVF) is pleased to be working in co-operation with the Potteries Musuem to promote the innovative Masters of Art and Sport exhibition.

OVF editor Rob Fielding commented: “As a leading Port Vale fansite we feel our audience will be keen know about what’s in store.

“This site will be producing a range of features about what’s happening at Masters of Sport and Art along with some exclusive interviews.”




What is the Masters of Art and Sport exhibition?

It’s a major exhibition featuring artwork from the late Philippe Aird, Darren Campbell and award-winning Paine Proffitt.

Why is it taking place?

Stoke-on-Trent, the UK’s European Sport City 2016 is celebrating the regions twin heritage of artistic achievement and sporting prowess by marrying the two together in this exhibition.

Where is it taking place?

At the Potteries museum.

When is it on and how much does it cost?

Tickets costs just £5 (concessions £3) and it is on now until the 12th February.

Anything else I need to know?

There will be a number of special features on the OVF website over the coming days along with an announcement about a special event for Port Vale fans.

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