Coming soon: the brand new OVF app

Coming soon: the brand new OVF app

Rob Fielding is pleased to announce that a new FREE OF CHARGE app will soon be available allowing users to follow this site on their mobile phone or tablet.

The new app will contain the following features:

  • Available to download on the App store (Apple devices) and Google Play (Android)
  • Free of charge to download
  • Existing users can simply log-in to their current account and see their PM’s, notification etc
  • You will be able to view the latest forum posts AND the latest features posted on our blog
  • Fast and simple to use
  • Based upon the popular Tapatalk interface but exclusive to this website

Rob is currently going through the final stages of testing the application and will announce when the app is available to be downloaded in the near future.

Why is OVF launching the app?

In line with many other websites, OVF’s traffic reports show that well over half our users will access the site using a mobile or tablet device. Rob has taken steps to make the site mobile and tablet friendly and the responsive style does enable users to easily access the site via a mobile browser.

However, research shows that many people much prefer to access content on phones and tablets via apps rather than using a browser. There is more immediacy in using an app (you don’t need to type the URL in) and you can keep in touch simply by pressing the OVF app icon.

However, previous apps were unable to combine BOTH elements of the website – that is the forum AND the blog features in one single application – until this application (which displays both) became available.

This new application is costing Rob a monthly fee and so for that reason a) it will contain some adverts and b) Rob was keen to make it a free download but if you do want to make a donation to the site’s upkeep it would be appreciated.

Note: All users of the old app are advised to switch over to this new app when it becomes available. The new app is free of charge and we will no longer be supporting the old app (although users can still use it if they wish to do so).


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