Port Vale fans reaction: some great performances and hope for the future

It’s fair to say that the OVF forum’s reaction to the FA Cup win over Hartlepool has been enthusiastic. Fans have praised a number of the players for their good performances while several point out that the players’ young age could give Vale hope for the future.

Here are a selection of post-match comments:

Fantastic performance:  you can only play what’s in front of you . This should give the players a massive boost in confidence…


Great performance today, we got in their faces and played a pressing game. De Freitas never stopped running all game…


Great performance. A high tempo pressing game which we have never seen from us with Grant on the pitch who slows the game down. Perhaps he won’t be missed if he goes in January? I was impressed with De Freitas today…


All the team played well but particularly impressive for me were Kiko, De Freitas and Cicilia who had a great game today and kept going for 90 minutes. Kiko looked top quality today – a proper full back and he deservedly got MOTM…


I thought Amoros and De Freitas, in addition to the ever reliable centre-halves, were the stand-outs…


Kiko was superb in my opinion, he set up the second and made a superb challenge on the edge of our area which I think started the move for our third. He hardly misplaced a pass and didn’t slice it into row Z like “Dicko” would do…


I think Kiko fully deserved his man of the match. Well done to Bruno and the boys, I don’t think anyone expected such a completely comprehensive demolition of Hartlepool…

Like Vale I Do

I thought Amoros ran the show first-half…


Our centre halves were sublime today. Streete has to be put on a long term contract now. Amoros is quality. Kiko had a good game playing in his proper position. Reggie did well until he faded in the second half. Jones is a natural goal scorer which again begs why he is playing out wide. Shelaj had an enjoyable cameo. Taylor certainly can take penalties…

Class Personified

I thought Kiko was brilliant today, as was De-Freitas, Amoros and Tavares to name a few along with the usual high flyers Smith, Streete, Jones, Big Reg and Jak we can get better…


A word must be said for James Gibbons at right-back when he came on as sub. Well done young man you looked steady,controlled and passed the ball well…


I’m pleased Kiko got man of the match. Jones is worryingly good… others will be waiting to take him! Streete, Smith and Alnwick are top drawer. Amoros and De Freitas… watch this space!


I believe only two player were aged over 23 in the starting line-up. The future could be bright, the young lads are slowly improving and can only get better….


Great to see the team perform today, it makes all the difference when they play as a unit. Great pressing from Reg, Jones and De Freitas meant we were playing 29 yards further up the pitch than normal. The number of times that they were forced back to the keeper or turned over the ball was particularly impressive. Special mentions for Kiko who thoroughly deserved man of the match while Streete and Smith were solid as ever even when Paynter tried to rattle them at the end. Amoros looked very composed and always seemed to know what he was going to do before he got the ball and kept the game moving, and finally Reg up front worked their back four tirelessly…


I thought De Freitas was man of the match –  every time he got the ball he drove forward which Grant doesn’t do, his energy was impressive too.


Smith, Streete, Amoros and Jones are all potential stars of the future.


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