Vale fans reaction: awful atmosphere, awful game, awful competition…

There are not many positives from the matchday thread on the OVF forum. Here are a selection of views…

The atmosphere

“Eerie silence , punctuated by some random shouts from the Lorne St…”

Houston Valiant

“The match was awful and played in almost total silence from the few supporters in attendance…”


“I’m not sure who i feel sorry for the most.The players for playing in an appalling atmosphere, or the 964 Vale fans who attended…”

Spunk Trumpet

Vale fail to impress

“I thought we’d win this quite easily. We couldn’t be beaten at home and now a division two team is beating us. Part of me thinks that the result tonight may be good for Sunday. I hope so…

Inner Sanctum

“Well that was an absolute shambles. I think Cicilia could play another 90 minutes by himself only on the pitch and still not score…”


“Very disappointing. A game riddled with mistakes which was lost due to the worst of them. Buck up Vale – in these last two games the opposition hasn’t had to create chances because we’ve handed them goals on a plate…”


An unloved competition

“We lost a reserve game. Big deal…”

Source of the Trent

“Nobody cared about this tournament before the match, we loose and now people care?”


“A farce of a competition and I won’t lose sleep over losing…”


Reserves fail to take chances

“The performance of most of our players who are trying to impress enough to be given a start in our first team was shocking. The likes of Mac-Intosch, Mbamba, Shalaj and Cicilia at the moment look a million miles away…”


“Only two players came out of that game with any credit – Smith and Amoros…”


“The players stepping in haven’t been good enough its as simple as that…”

Vale fan in Alsager

“It would be good to see some of the fringe players busting a gut to get into the first eleven but no one took that opportunity last night!”


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