Peterborough fans are confident that manager will deliver

Two fairly confident Peterborough United fans talk to us ahead of the game with Port Vale…

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About the fans…

STUIE – I’ve supported Posh all my life. I left Peterborough when I was 18 and I’m now in my 50’s and I go to one home game a month and one away game a month.

BRISTOL POSH – I’ve been following Posh since they were non-league. I’m 12 (if Stuie can lie then so can I) I never go to home game but I go to about ten away games a season. I only follow Posh because I’m a glory hunter.

About the opposition…

How do you expect your team to do this season?

STUIE – We should make top-half, and with a good wind we could be in the top six.

BRISTOL POSH – I’m hoping for promotion.

What are your thoughts on the manager and his signings?

STUIE – Grant is a Posh legend. I hope he does well, hopefully he will get a few seasons to build a good team and enhance his reputation.

BRISTOL POSH – The manager is doing well. He’s made some good signings in positions that were needed. Maddison is the star man.

Your thoughts on the board?

STUIE – We have a great board and great leadership from Darragh MacAnthony.

BRISTOL POSH – I only know of the effort our chairman puts in and those of the two splendid supporter groups.

A score prediction and predicted away following?

STUIE –  Posh 3 Port Vale 0. Attendance 4,999
BRISTOL POSH – 3-1 to Posh. We couldn’t keep a clean sheet at home if we had three goalkeepers, Maddison, Moncur and Nicholls with the goals.

About the Vale…

Where do you think Vale will finish?

STUIE – I’ve no idea and I’m not bothered. I hope you remain in the same division as Posh, as for me it’s an easy train ride from Crewe. However, Vale is one of the most inhospitable areas that we visit, all fans shunted into one away pub, why?

BRISTOL POSH – I have no idea, I never look at other teams, I’m very self-centred me!

A guide for Vale fans…

Can you tell us something about your side we may not know?

STUIE – We have never lost at Wembley!

BRISTOL POSH – We have a Mr and a Miss Posh, we have a drummer called Adam, we have a rattle wielded by a lovely lady called Nipper.

Any recommended pubs, eateries and parking spots?

STUIE – Unlike Stoke, Peterborough welcomes all away fans in all pubs, including all city centre pubs, in the city. There is plenty of parking around the city.

BRISTOL POSH – Apparently everywhere is friendly, in which case I’d recommend Charters – a river boat with plenty of real ale.

Can you recommend any forums, fanzines or blogs?

BRISTOL POSH – The Defect.


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