Coventry fan: if we survive it will be a good season (and it’s all SISU’s fault)

Coventry fan: if we survive it will be a good season (and it’s all SISU’s fault)

Coventry fan Stephen is very upset about his team’s league position, but he doesn’t blame the manager, in his view it’s all the owners’ fault…

Thanks to REP for posing the questions 

About the fan…

Hi I’m Stephen Morris, I’m a Coventry City fan and have been for as long as I can remember! They’re my local football team and firmly believe that you should support your local team.

About the opposition…

How do you expect your team to do this season?

Unfortunately with the situation that Coventry City are in I’m not expecting anything positive. If we manage to survive in league One this season then I’ll say this has been a good season, we’ve got the youngest squad out of all four top-flight divisions and it’s full of loaned players.

What are your thoughts on the manager and his signings?

Sadly our manager has just resigned, he’s the best manager that we’ve had in so many years, I’m so gutted that he’s not had any backing what so ever: all our best players were sold and not replaced. I hope that Tony gets back in the game soon, he’s a great coach.

Your thoughts on the board?

The whole problem with my beautiful team Coventry City is all down to SISU, they’re completely bleeding us dry and selling all our players and even trying to sell our training ground and several other things! The only way I can see CCFC surviving as a club is that we get new ownership.

A score prediction and predicted away following?

A prediction for our games would not be a positive outcome for Coventry, we’ve still not managed to get a win yet this season, and not really looked like it’s going to coming anytime soon! I believe that the form we’re in at the moment is one of the worst runs in our history. Our away following fans are amazing, there’s normally get a good turn out and always singing loud and proud for City but I’m not so sure if that will happen at the moment.

About the Vale…

Where do you think Vale will finish?

I think that Port Vale stand a very good chance of making the play-offs this season, from what I’ve heard they’ve got a strong squad of players this season.

A guide for Vale fans…

Can you tell us something about your side we may not know?

I’m too sad to think.

What about a recommended blog or forum?

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