Carlisle reaction: fans want Vale to play two upfront…

Carlisle reaction: fans want Vale to play two upfront…

Supporters have been reacting to Port Vale’s League Cup exit at the hands of Carlisle.

Here’s a summary of what topics have been dominating the match thread on the OVF forum:

Playing two upfront…

“Think we also need two up front…”


“One shot on target and two shots off target when we’ve been behind for the majority of the game isn’t good enough…”

Valiant Ritchie

“This one up front nonsense needs to stop now…”


“For a team that is clearly going to struggle to score goals this season it really is criminal to only start with one striker, even away from home…”


“Bruno has to learn quickly, i.e. one up front doesn’t tend to work too well in English football as teams tend to be fairly attacking and play at a high pace. Personally I doubt the players we have will be good enough for a system with one up front…”

Source of the Trent

“Just not good enough. Even in the second half. we only managed three shots against a League Two side compared to their 14. Playing one up top is fine if the rest of the team is full of goals, but it isn’t, so we need to go with two. JJ [Hooper] and Forrester look the most likely pairing…”

Cambridge Don

Bringing in a striker…

“To be honest, we need a proven goalscorer and that will need the chairman to step in…”

Cambridge Don

“Did Burnley`s season end when they lost to us last year? No, they went out to buy a striker, Andre Gray for £6M. Don’t think we will spend that much, but you get the idea…”


Views on the team and tactics…

“You wouldn’t get [Rob] Page changing a defence that kept a clean sheet…”


“The forward players are miles out of their depth and the best guys were the ones from last year…”


“Poor so far. Their keeper could have played that half in his pipe and slippers. Giving the ball away far to often and failing to build anything meaningful…”


“The second half was marginally better but not by much. We started it with two strikers and started to put a bit of pressure on culminating in Grant’s goal but we didn’t press enough. Bruno then brought Saleiro on and pushed JJ wide right. It seemed a bizarre decision bearing in mind he’s the only one of our collection of strikers who’s scored for us…”


Memories of Exeter…

“This was Exeter again, no effort against a lower league side. To rub it in Dodds and Leitch Smith score [for Shrewsbury] to set up a money spinner in next round…”


“That’s a really bad result, there’s no getting away from it. Makes Smurthwaite look stupid after what he said about no repeat of Exeter…”


“Guys, don’t fear. Norman says another Exeter will never happen again during his tenure…”


“By the way, does anyone know if Smurf went on the supporters’ coach after the game?”

Jacko 51

A sense of perspective (or humour)…

“Saturday is going to go a fair way to defining our season and to see how resilient the team is in the face of such poor performance…”

Cambridge Don

“Let’s keep things in perspective, we have to give them time to gel and for Bruno to find his best team and formation…”

Source of the Trent

“Let’s look on the bright side. We are unbeaten in the League with a 100% home record…”

Class Personified

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