Bradford fans: City are a work in progress

We have the views of four members of the Claret & Banter Messageboard ahead of the game against Port Vale…

Thanks to REP for posing the questions…

About the fans…

bradfordTONY D – I’ve been going since I was four which is now just over forty years. Most clubs would love a rollercoaster ride like we have had instead of lower table oblivion. The ship has now been steadied and we are on a solid footing. History isn’t always about the cups you win it’s about the ride you take to get to where you are.

RONNIEBROWN – I attended my first game in 1968/69 versus Rochdale on a very foggy Saturday afternoon. Having been born and bred only a few hundred yards from City it was hard to support anyone else. Although I’ve lived away from Bradford on many occasions over the years, I still made the effort to attend games.

HEATON BANTAM – It’s 45 years and counting.

BRADFORD COUGARS – I’m 45 years young and have followed City for the 32 years of them. Mum was a Liverpool fan and dad was Leeds. Luckily he never took us to watch any ‘live’ games, so my older brother and I started to go watch City instead. One of my best memories was going to a wedding and leaving at around 2pm from Keighley. We got off the train at Frizinghall and ran to the ground in our suits. We beat Leicester 4-1.

How do you expect your team to do this season?

We still need another three or four signings to get us into the top places…

TONY D – There’s no reason why we shouldn’t be in or around the play-offs if we get a few more in of the same quality. I think we will be a slow burner like last season… 6th

RONNIEBROWN – I will be happy with mid table, yet I’d hope to be challenging for the play-offs.

HEATON BANTAM – It won’t go as well as last season unless we sign a striker by the end of August, As things stand we’re top ten, with a “decent” striker and an attacking midfield player we could be top six.

BRADFORD COUGARS – As things stand today anywhere from 10th to 6th. We still need another three or four signings to get us into the top places.

Who should we watch out for?

TONY D – Anyone bar Hanson. Just tell your centre-halves to fall on the floor if they are within five metres of him.. that should work out fine.

RONNIEBROWN – As things stand… the whole team ! If McCall can get it right, then each and every member of our team will play a big part.

HEATON BANTAM – At present – no one.

BRADFORD COUGARS – For me, the stand-out player has to be Morais; he’s looked as lively as any in pre-season.

Your thoughts on your manager?

His signings so far all look solid enough…

TONY D – I’m not sure yet, he failed last time so it’s up to him to prove he has changed. His signings so far all look solid enough. Nothing worse has come in. I’m hoping for four or five more before we start.

RONNIEBROWN – It is very much a ‘work in progress’ – but OK so far.

HEATON BANTAM – I love the manager and will give him time to settle, I’m prepared to accept nothing this season and go for it next season. His signings so far are bang average, nothing at all to excite.

BRADFORD COUGARS – The jury is still out on the ‘legend’ after his disappointing first spell as manager. However, his signings have been solid to date. Just hope he really gets how desperate we are for a goal scorer.

What are your thoughts on your board?

So much has gone on, and still going on, it’s hard to say…

TONY D – Hard to tell at this stage. We need to see how it pans out and if they are trigger happy owners, owners who get too involved on match days or owners that trust their decisions and like to see them given every opportunity to succeed.

RONNIEBROWN – So much has gone on, and still going on, it’s hard to say, but initial impressions are we are going in the right direction.

HEATON BANTAM – It’s a brand new board, we had the heart of the club ripped out when Parky left and took all the staff including the tea lady. We need time to rebuild, but they will rebuild and will get us into the Championship in three years.

BRADFORD COUGARS – The board are new and have so far been fairly quiet. They’ve suggested players but haven’t forced anyone on the manager. They’ve clearly spelled out long term plans. So far – so good.

Which one Vale player would you take past or present?

TONY D – Tom Pope. Always liked his style of play, a player who has the first touch, isn’t afraid to get stuck in and got away with snide challenges when defenders tried to bully him. A player you hate when he is against you but is loved if he plays for you. I think he should have done better with the talent he has.

RONNIEBROWN – Lee Mills… no hesitation. We got him, and without his goals City would still be dreaming of the Premier League.

HEATON BANTAM – None other than the one we took (Lee Mills).

BRADFORD COUGARS – As good as Lee Mills was, I would have to say Robbie Earle- fantastic player and must be one of your best ever. I loved watching him play. It certainly isn’t Bridge-Wilkinson, Knott or Marshall!

How do you expect Vale to do?

TONY D – Mid table at best which doesn’t mean you can’t beat us first game. But I think you will struggle if honest.

RONNIEBROWN – Very difficult for me, and I suspect Vale fans, too. With so many unknowns in your squad, Vale are very much an ‘unknown quantity’ You could easily be top or bottom three.

HEATON BANTAM – Relegation fodder.

BRADFORD COUGARS – Difficult to call with so many new players and mostly from overseas. I’m going to go with 12th to 15th.

Your team’s most memorable game with Vale?

You are one of the most vanilla teams we play in terms of any passion…

TONY D – They don’t usually turn out the best games but we do usually get the better of you so that’s a useful thing to know and for us to be happy with our recent history isn’t too shabby against you.

RONNIEBROWN – None really stand out. I always look at our games as being well fought and they generally are. That said… I was gutted we played you off the park, yet still lost 1 – 0 three seasons ago, at Valley Parade.

HEATON BANTAM – I can’t remember a game against you that has really stood out. You are one of the most vanilla teams we play in terms of any passion between the clubs.

BRADFORD COUGARS – I remember a 3-2 win for City against the Valiants just after Christmas in 1992. Other than that, nothing really stands out.

A score prediction?

TONY D – 2-0 to us. Dieng and Hanson.

RONNIEBROWN – A draw.. 0-0 or 3-3? A hard one to guess.


BRADFORD COUGARS – 1-1 (Hanson and Cicilia).

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