Scunthorpe fans: our manager is ‘clueless’

Scunthorpe fans: our manager is ‘clueless’

We speak to two Scunthorpe fans ahead of their game against Vale and one certainly doesn’t rate manager Mark Robins.


About the fans…

IRONBOOT – I’m Ironboot!

IRONMANDAN – Have been a fan since I was five years old. I supported from afar until this season when I am watching the Iron every game.[/box]

How do you expect your team to do?

IRONBOOT – We were expecting a play-off push, and whilst October got our hopes up, I’d say we’re actually destined for 12th-16th.

IRONMANDAN – We will go through stages of winning games that we expect to lose and losing games we expect to win. Ultimately, we will end up lower mid-table (15th).

Who should we watch out for?

IRONBOOT – There aren’t many at the moment, but Luke Williams is our only on-form player. Madden (#9) is our only real goal threat, though.

IRONMANDAN – At the moment Luke Williams is our shining light, if only some would rub off on the rest.

What are your thoughts on your manager and his signings?

IRONBOOT – The signings looked promising pre-season, and with the addition of some quality loan signings, things were looking up. Unfortunately, two or three of the pre-season signings turned out to be crocks, and two of our three quality loan signings have returned to their parent club.

IRONMANDAN – The manager is clueless and unsuitable for the job, signings – two crocks, three bang average, one for the future, two good players previously on loan here, one past his best.

What are your thoughts on your board?

IRONBOOT – Our Chairman has the right intentions, but for many reasons, things aren’t exactly going his way.

IRONMANDAN – Ambitious but not transparent enough.

How do you expect Vale to do this season?

IRONBOOT – Just above us (10th-14th).

IRONMANDAN – we could well finish on the same points – 14th

A score prediction?

IRONBOOT – 1-1 (Leitch-Smith for yourselves, Madden for us).

IRONMANDAN – 2-1 Vale. Birchall & Leitch-Smith. Madden penalty for us.