Chesterfield fans: Saunders faces an uphill task

Chesterfield fans: Saunders faces an uphill task

Two Chesterfield fans feel that the club’s manager and board are under pressure but Vale should be wary of Jay O’Shea.

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About the fans

SPIRE-HEIGHTS – I have been a season ticket holder at Chesterfield for the past 27 years now.

MARTACROSS – I’ve been a supporter for over 40 years since the age of 6.


How do you expect your team to do this season?

SPIRE-HEIGHTS – I fully expect Chesterfield FC to finish in or around the half-way mark.

MARTACROSS – 15th but staying in this division I would be happy.

Who should we watch out for?


On his day, the player to watch out for is Jay O’Shea. However, Jay is very inconsistent…

SPIRE-HEIGHTS – On his day, the player to watch out for is Jay O’Shea. However, Jay is very inconsistent and could score a brace and win man of the match, but then go missing for the following two games. Blake is a goal poacher, so needs to be watched inside the area, anything outside and he is not a threat.

MARTACROSS – O’Shea if on form.

What are your thoughts on your manager?

SPIRE-HEIGHTS – Whoever took the manager’s position at Chesterfield FC was always going to find it a tough challenge following Paul Cook’s success. Did we overachieve last season? We maybe did.

Dean Saunders was appointed which many supporters did not take kindly to. However, he has come in and try do to his best. He lost four key players just after being appointed and this made the challenge ahead even more of an uphill task. He has only made one permanent signing really, Blake from Preston who failed to hit the ground running, looked slow and overweight, however, to be fair to him he is improving game by game.

MARTACROSS – The least said the better! Saunders is not the man to take our team forward.

What are your thoughts on your board?

SPIRE-HEIGHTS – There seems to be a lot of negativity surrounding the board at Chesterfield at the moment.

MARTACROSS – Our board are just wanting to claw back the debt.

Which Vale player would you take past or present to add value to your squad?

SPIRE-HEIGHTS – I would love the Craig Davies that we had in 2011 back with us.


How do you expect Vale to do this season?

SPIRE-HEIGHTS – I expect Port Vale to be very similar to Chesterfield this season, in terms of results and a final league position.

MARTACROSS – Mid-table.

What is your team’s most memorable game with Vale (good or bad reasons)?

SPIRE-HEIGHTS – On a negative front, I remember us losing to Port-Vale 5-0 at Saltergate. Marc Richards scored a hat-trick and Craig Davies scored the other two. Both these players became Chesterfield players shortly after!

MARTACROSS – Nothing sticks out.

A score prediction?

SPIRE-HEIGHTS – The score on Saturday, will be Port-Vale 1-1 Chesterfield.

MARTACROSS – We are due a draw so 1-1.