Opposing views: Notts County (A)

Opposing views: Notts County (A)

Notts County fan PTID1862 isn’t optimistic of his side’s chances against the Valiants this weekend…


About the fan

“The name is PTID or Dallas, I am currently in exile in Cumbria, a lovely corner of England. I have been a Notts fan since the very early 80’s basically at that age when you rebel against the parents and his liking for trees…”


How is your team faring this season?

I think most fans expected a season of struggle and strife, how things started so differently, our early season form was terrific, we were riding high… now though the struggle is well and truly on.

Where do you think you’ll finish?

I have said I believe we will finish somewhere 10th and 12th, this for us, considering last season, is progress and a step in the right direction.

Who should we watch out for?

The three to watch…

Curtis Thompson is one of our own lads made it through and is doing himself the world of good. He is having a really steady season with some great performances.

Liam Noble is the other centre midfielder although gifted and can run the game alongside Thompson although he has a tendency to pick up too many cards.

Gary Thompson, the old war horse, is our top scorer and most likely among us to get a goal out of nothing… he’s had some great strikes this season.

What are your thoughts on your manager?

He is one of our own! He was the messiah last season, I hope it goes well for him, I don’t think anybody at the club would want him to leave here with his reputation diminished. In Shaun We Trust!

What are your thoughts on your board?

I believe we have a great chairman, he took the difficult way of saving the club, and making sure that other local businesses got paid. You have to take your hat off to him… The club has made great strides to improve areas around the ground, to improve the fans experience and as revenue earners in other areas. If anything the Chairman has been too open at times… I do not think that any individual deserves half of the vitriol aimed in that families direction, by supposed supporters.

Any views on Port Vale?

I haven’t really kept up to date on Vale players and to be honest only ever looked to see how Lee Hughes was doing.

Did you attend the reverse fixture earlier this season?


Any views on players involved with both sides?

Talk about hitting Nottingham with a bang… Lee Hughes’ first league game, at home against the massive club from Yorkshire (Bratfud) and he scores a hat-trick, what a way to announce your arrival. He became a bit of a cult hero at the Lane and he was, during his time here, one of the best finishers I have seen at Notts.

A score prediction?

The way things are for us, a Draw 1-1 (Bajner)would be a great result, but my head is saying we may be looking at another home defeat…