Opposing views: Sheff Utd (H)

Opposing views: Sheff Utd (H)

We have the views of two Sheffield United supporters ahead of the Boxing Day fixture with Port Vale…


About the fans

S11BLADE – I’m a young web developer from Sheffield in my spare time I make music and have been lucky enough to get regular airplay on stations like BBC Radio 1 and DJ round the country. I bought my first season ticket in 2006 when the Blades were promoted to the BPL.
JJBlade – I’ve been a fan for over 45 years, I used to travel all over to watch the team but then learned sense. I don’t enjoy supporting the club but can’t seem to be able to stop doing so.


How do you expect your team to do this season?

As a minimum, I expect us to finish in the top six…

S11BLADE – As a minimum, I expect us to finish in the top six, although if the cup can be a catalyst again for our league form we could threaten the top two. Ultimately I’d predicted we’ll finish fourth.
JJBlade – After our January recruitment drive that ends up with two players being sold, I’d expect us to be pushing for the play-offs, just like the boardroom will.

Who should we watch out for?

S11BLADE – Our most dangerous player is Jamie Murphy, he’s got pace, runs past defenders and puts balls into the box.
JJBlade – Jamie Murphy, if he fancies it and doesn’t think about risking injury before he’s sold the week after.

What are your thoughts on your manager?

Nigel Clough had an incredible season last year for us, reaching the FA Cup semi-final and taking us on an eleven game win streak which broke the club record…

S11BLADE – Nigel Clough had an incredible season last year for us, reaching the FA Cup semi-final and taking us on an eleven game win streak which broke the club record.
JJBlade – His signings are mostly average Third Division players who lack drive, ambition, bottle and fitness. The manager signed fourteen average players because he was prevented from signing three quality ones, so he’s about as good for the job as anyone else.

What are your thoughts on your board?

S11BLADE – We have a rather frustrating board who seem to have squandered the Tevez money, parachute payments and sold some of our best players year-in-year-out. However, we have impressive training facilities, a hotel and an excellent youth academy.
JJBlade – I hate our board of directors, however bad you might think yours are, trust me, they’ve got nothing on our set of backward individuals.

Which one Vale player, past or present, would you take?

S11BLADE – You’ve got an ex-blade Michael Brown who was a legend at the club from 2000-2004 which is interesting. Jordan Slew is a Blades youth academy product and looked a real prospect but he’s ultimately flopped at Blackburn. Alex Nimley looks a cracking prospect from what I’ve seen and Tom Pope is a decent striker.
JJBlade – I could say Tom Pope , but he wouldn’t score goals for us. Anyone else probably yes, but us NO!

How do you expect Vale to do this season?

S11BLADE – I’d expect a mid-table finish as you’ve struggled this season after a decent finish last year. If your new manager can string together some results I think you’d do well to finish just outside the play-offs.
JJBlade – Eighth.

Most memorable game against Vale?

S11BLADE – I’ve never attended a game against Vale but I remember us always winning by a score of 1-2, 2-1 or by one goal. It’s probably worth a mention that this fixture is the highest ever away win with a score of Port Vale 0 – Sheff Utd 10.
JJBlade – Dean Saunders goal from the throw in off the goalkeeper’s bum.

A score prediction?

S11BLADE – Port Vale 1 – Sheffield United 2, after beating Southampton to reach the League Cup semi-final, I’d expect us to keep it tight and nick a couple of goals. It could be more if we hit top form, Clough has said someone is due a “spanking” for some time. Potential scorers: Michael Brown, Jordan Slew, Chris O’Grady.
JJBlade – 0-0 Clough will be so delighted he’ll be very, very excited on the way home.