Opposing views: Rochdale (H)

Opposing views: Rochdale (H)

We have the views of two Rochdale fans ahead of their team’s trip to Vale Park this weekend.


About the fans

ChaffRAFC has been supporting Dale for about 22 years. He says: “I follow Dale home and away and have done for years. I’ve seen a lot of rubbish so the past few years have been brilliant. ”
442Dale has been a fan since the early 80s. He recalls that reverting to an all white strip in 1982 was a mistake that would bother him while watching “Metal Mickey” after each home game.

They both use the RochdaleAFC.com website


How do you expect your team to do this season?

I expected nothing but survival this season, anything above twentieth is a massive bonus…

ChaffRAFC – I expected nothing but survival this season, anything above twentieth is a massive bonus, but I think we’re a top half side looking at the teams we’ve played now so I’ll predict us to finish twelth.
442Dale – I was quietly hoped we might be on the periphery of the play-offs with the addition of a striker, but I expected a mid-table season. With no real addition up front apart from Calvin Andrew as a semi-permanent sub, we’re in the top six. I expect what I once hoped a bit more now.

Who should we watch out for?

ChaffRAFC – I was going to say Ian Henderson – he’s gone and got himself suspended for the match but he’s quite brilliant. Arguably the best natural footballer in our history. I’ll say you need to watch out for Matt Done, he can pretty much play anywhere on the pitch (he was left back last season, striker this season) and also our up and coming young star Scott Tanser.
442Dale – Allen (if fit), Hery, Done. Allen made his first real impact at Vale Park in the JPT last season, he’s the most aware young footballer you’ll ever see in the lower leagues.

What are your thoughts on your manager?


He’s the best manager in our history and for me, one of the best managers in the country…

ChaffRAFC – Keith Hill is to us what Sir Alex Ferguson was to Manchester United and Brian Clough was to Nottingham Forest. He’s the best manager in our history and for me, one of the best managers in the country. He doesn’t like spending money but continuously pulls rabbits out of the hat. Stephen Dawson is a tremendous signing but apart from that, we’re near enough the same side as last season.

442Dale – Keith Hill gets football management right more often than any other managers could ever dream of. You can question the odd signing but again, he’s best left to it. Getting Jack O’Connell back was the masterstroke everyone wanted.

What are your thoughts on your board?


Our club is run brilliantly, never spending more than we have…

ChaffRAFC – Our club is run brilliantly, never spending more than we have, many call it a lack of ambition, I call it brilliantly sensible. Chris Dunphy, our chairman is a Dale fan like us and treats the club that way. I wouldn’t want anybody else in charge. We’d like to see more effort made to get our gates up but that’s the only thing.

442Dale – The club is run sensibly, we also recognise that Hill and his development of players is a constant source of income. Off the field? There’s a book that could be written, but instead look round the tens of threads on the forum.

Which one Vale player, past or present, would you take?

ChaffRAFC – Tom Pope would give us a lot more of a goal threat up front which is probably the one area I’d like to see us strengthen.
442Dale – Danny Glover. Not the rubbish striker we had on loan and left on the bench, but his namesake who revoked diplomatic immunity.

How do you expect Vale to do this season?

ChaffRAFC – I’d have expected a mid-table finish, similar to ourselves really.

442Dale – Pretty much where you are. Anything between 19th and 12th with Louis Dodds sometimes playing then sometimes not. Then playing again. Sometimes off the front man or wide or in midfield. [OVF – that pretty much sums up six years of Louis Dodds at Port Vale ]

What is your team’s most memorable game with Vale?

ChaffRAFC – The one game that sticks in my mind is the opening day game when we drew 1-1 and Joe Thompson scored our goal.
442Dale – Start of the promotion season, 09/10. 1-1, Joe Thompson, a purple kit we then went on to wear almost everywhere.

A score prediction?

ChaffRAFC – I’ll go for a draw given that we’re without two of our best players, Ian Henderson through suspension and Matt Lund through International call up.
442Dale – 2-2, Dodds two. Or not!! Done and Rose for us.