Opposing views: Oldham Athletic

Ahead of our second away game of the season, we take a look at the views and opinions of two fans of our next opponents Oldham Athletic.

Opinions4U describes himself as a “Middle aged bloke who lost his football to the expense of raising a family.  Then got it back a few years ago when my young son decided he wanted to watch a game. ” He’s had a season ticket ever since. rudemedic has been supporting Latics for 25 years and describes himself as a “former medical student and quiz-show star.” They both post on the OWTB board

1. How do you expect your team to do this season?

Opinions4u: Unbeaten pre-season.  Not won yet during the season.  14th.

rudemedic: About the same as last season. Only the truly pessimistic are worried about us going down, and the overly optimistic can see us making the play-offs, would think we might finish top-half but if not mid-table. But ask me again when the transfer window shuts, as I can see us being bottom at the end of the month.

2. Who should we watch out for?

Opinions4u: Forte. That’s it.

rudemedic:  Cheeky ruse is it? Our danger players haven’t really changed from the last time we played you in Jan. Two of our (new) best players the manager doesn’t seem to think they can play three games in a week, so as they played the full 90 minutes on Saturday, they might not start.

3. What are your thoughts on your manager and his signings this season?

His signings look promising, but most, with one real exception, haven’t shown it yet…

Opinions4u: Lee Johnson’s able to talk the talk but can he walk the walk?  Over a year in and the inevitable doubts start to creep in.  Forte looks good but it’s hard to say the new faces, and there are many, have improved us.

rudemedic: His signings look promising, but most, with one real exception, haven’t shown it yet. We have sort of replaced the players we lost last season, with the exception of Jose Baxter/Gary Harkins, but the verdict is still out on most. As for the manager he is better than Dickov, and Penney but he still makes a lot of the same mistakes and is often very harsh towards some of our young talent without proper cause.

4. What are your thoughts on your board and off-field club activities?

Opinions4u: Simon Corney owns 97% of the club.  He runs it on a break-even basis.  Trust Oldham have a 3% share and a seat on the board! although the democracy that selects the director isn’t necessarily ideal.  We’ve also got an estate agent and a solicitor.  The new stand has brought a lot of positivity, although it would be nice if it opened!

rudemedic: Are you a family site? Better plead the fifth then, especially regarding two board members who aren’t the Chairman. But let’s say I’m often underwhelmed by the majority of people in senior positions at the club, not just the board. The owners aren’t really interested anymore and we often only have peanuts to spend, which is why we get monkeys.

5. Which one Vale player would you take past or present to add value to your squad?

Opinions4u: Was Ian Taylor one of your lot?

rudemedic: Beckford as we need someone to score regularly. Whilst he was the Big I am sort of player, especially off the field, he knew where the goal was. It’s currently Pope for similar reasons. 

6. How do you expect Vale to do this season?

Opinions4u: Mid-table. Just above Oldham.

rudemedic: About the same as us/last year. 

7. What is your team’s most memorable game with Vale?

Opinions4u: I can’t recall beyond last season.  So the 3-1 win at Boundary Park will have to do!

rudemedic: Until last season I had a 100% record at your place, unlike some of our fans who had never seen us win there in more than a handful attempts. So it would be last year’s game at Vale Park as it broke my hoodoo over you. That and the bad injury to your midfielder, it’s never nice to see that sort of thing.

8. A score prediction?

Opinions4u: 1-1.  Forte for us and… Do I know any of your players?

rudemedic: You’ll score, we might not, very tempted to go 1-0 you (Pope).


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