50 years of Port Vale hat-tricks (with video)

50 years of Port Vale hat-tricks (with video)

As we celebrate Ben Williamson’s first hat-trick for the Valiants, we thought it may be a good time to look back at all of Vale hat-trick heroes from the last fifty years.

There is also a collection of videos showing some of the hat-tricks further down the page.

Here is the list (which we have researched to the best of our abilities) if you spot any omissions please do let us know.

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Port Vale hat-tricks: 1964 to 2014

(Times of goals are included if available)

12 Aug 2014: Ben Williamson versus Hartlepool (8,14,18)
05 Apr 2013: Lee Hughes versus Burton (12,22,51)
29 Mar 2013: Tom Pope versus Cheltenham (19,58,74)
20 Nov 2012: Tom Pope versus Bristol Rovers (20,22,67)
08 Sep 2012: Tom Pope (four goals) versus Rotherham (16,21,68,78)
17 Dec 2011: Guy Madjo versus Aldershot (8,48,60)
30 Apr 2011: Justin Richards versus Morecambe (40,45,90)
30 Apr 2011: Louis Dodds versus Morecambe (17,58,67)
13 Mar 2010: Marc Richards versus Chesterfield (44,51,79)
10 Mar 2007: Akpo Sodje (four goals) versus Rotherham (11,25,29,78)
14 Dec 1996: Tony Naylor versus Charlton (34,46,49)
12 Nov 1994: Martin Foyle versus Hartlepool
04 Apr 1994: Martin Foyle versus Leyton Orient
21 Apr 1993: Bernie Slaven versus Barnet
21 Apr 1993: Martin Foyle versus Barnet
25 May 1989: Darren Beckford versus Preston
25 Mar 1989: Darren Beckford versus Notts County
19 Sep 1988: Darren Beckford versus Chesterfield
02 Apr 1988: Darren Beckford versus Doncaster
15 Aug 1987: Andy Jones (four goals) versus Aldershot
04 May 1987: Andy Jones (five goals) versus Newport County
28 Mar 1987: Andy Jones versus Fulham
02 Feb 1985: Robbie Earle versus Hereford Utd
27 Oct 1984: Eammon O’Keefe versus Southend United
19 Mar 1983: Bob Newton versus Rochdale
25 Aug 1978: Bernie Wright versus Crewe
03 Jan 1977: Ken Beamish versus Grimsby
20 Aug 1975: Mick Cullerton versus Hereford Utd
12 Sep 1970: Bobby Gough versus Shrewsbury
21 Feb 1970: John James versus Bradford PA
20 Apr 1968: Mick Cullerton versus Swansea
22 Aug 1967: Mick Cullerton versus Chester


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Ben Williamson vs Hartlepool

Tony Naylor vs Charlton

Foyle and Slaven vs Barnet

Darren Beckford vs Preston

Darren Beckford vs Chesterfield

Andy Jones vs Fulham

See more classic Vale clips on our YouTube channel



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