Opposing views: Barnsley

Opposing views: Barnsley

In order to look ahead to the new season, REP has been talking to supporters of the teams that will join League One in August.

This time, it’s the turn of Barnsley…

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The fans


Thanks to the opinions from members of the BBS including WELLSIE, BARNSLEY66 and ARCHEY.


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Last season


1. Best player last season?

WELLSIE – Probably Chris O’Grady, who scored 15 goals up front on his own in a team that barely created a chance.
BARNSLEY66 – Chris O’Grady, Dale Jennings or Luke Steele
ARCHEY – Probably O’Grady, although he did have his anonymous moments, he did however get 15 goals in a terrible team.


2. Highlight(s) of last season on the pitch?

WELLSIE – Yeovil away, beat them 4-1 and gave us a good shout at staying up. We couldn’t build on it though which was a shame.
BARNSLEY66 – Paddy McCourt’s goal against Middlesbrough.
ARCHEY – Ermmmm, Paddy McCourt’s wonder goal against Boro?


3. Worst moment(s) of the season on the pitch?

WELLSIE – Leeds at home, an utterly abject performance (by both teams) that pretty much finished us off.
BARNSLEY66 – Bournemouth at home. Conceding in second half stoppage really summed up our season.
ARCHEY – Where do you want me to start? We started off with a 0-4 defeat to Wigan and it went downhill from there really.


4. Sum up the season in a sentence or two?

WELLSIE – Proper dog *** from start to finish. I thought we’d do well in pre-season but we signed too many crap players who didn’t care on loan from Premier League teams.
BARNSLEY66 – A massive disappointment. The anticipation of a season of some success died in the first game when Wigan took us apart.
ARCHEY – There was a bit of optimism at the start of the season, but looking back, we all naively thought the same players who worked miracles last year, could repeat that feat this year, manager included.


5. Your view on off-field affairs last season?

WELLSIE – It couldn’t have gone much worse under Flitcroft. When Wilson came we signed more trash (Frimpong et al) but he didn’t have much choice but to gamble in January to try and save us.
BARNSLEY66 – Chaotic seems to sum it up.
ARCHEY – It was refreshing to see the back of the Don, but after a lot of early promise from Ben Mansford, there seems to have been very little in the way of finally dragging the club into the 21st century. That said, I eagerly await to see what my season ticket booklet looks like next season.


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Next season


6. What are your expectations for next season?

WELLSIE – Ideally play-offs, realistically I think we’ll fall just short. We’re going to have an entirely new squad so it could take some time to get going.
BARNSLEY66 – Ideally play-offs at the least. Realistically, mid-table obscurity.
ARCHEY – I expect us to win more than eight games. I expect us to at least dominate a few teams this season and win the odd game by more than 2-1. I expect us to be in the top ten for the majority of the season and maybe even challenge for a play-off place. I expect us to play a far more youthful team. There’s a lot of work to be done before we can even begin to think about promotion in my opinion.


7. Where do the club need to strengthen on the pitch?

WELLSIE – Everywhere.
BARNSLEY66 – Defence, midfield and attack.
ARCHEY – Midfield, we didn’t have one during the season and at present, from what I can gather, we have two contracted midfielders for next season at present, one of which could very easily make a move back into the Championship.


8. If you could take one Port Vale player for next season who would it be?

WELLSIE – Carl Dickinson, we had him at Oakwell a few years ago and he was good for us.
BARNSLEY66 – Sorry mate, I don’t know any of your players. Apologies if that sounds a bit arrogant, but I’ve been more concerned with who we played last season. No doubt I will know them when they knock two or three past us.
ARCHEY – I’ve always rated Tom Pope.


9. What do the club need to do off-field to improve?

WELLSIE – Where to star? Revenue streams mainly, we outsourced everything (club shop, catering etc) and it needs bringing back in house.
BARNSLEY66 – Try and get the fans back on board. There’s a feeling that the club doesn’t care about the fans. It needs to be addressed.
ARCHEY – Deliver some of their promises. The club seems very detached from the community at present, we need to do something about it.


10. If you were granted one wish for next season, what would it be?

WELLSIE – A team full of players that care about Barnsley and the town. If we see a team full of players that care and young lads doing their best that would be great.
BARNSLEY66 – As others have said, a team that has some heart and passion. I can forgive losing, but not lack of effort.
ARCHEY – To be unbeaten at home.


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