World Cup Prediction League now live

World Cup Prediction League now live

OVF ‘s World Cup Prediction League is now ready to accept your score predictions.

Once again, we will be giving away some small prizes for the users who finish at the top of the table.

The winners of the regular OVF Prediction League will be contacted shortly about their prizes.

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How to play…

Registered users

  1. Go to the Prediction League page
  2. Log on to your account
  3. Select “My Profile” on the LH menu
  4. Put a tick next to the “World Cup Prediction League” in the “Joined Leagues” section and press the “Join League” button
  5. Start predicting…

New users

  1. Go to the Prediction League page
  2. Click on “New User” on the LH menu
  3. Enter your details
  4. When you’ve joined, follow the instructions for registered users (above)


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