Former Valiants: Paynter’s unhappy ending

Former Valiants: Paynter’s unhappy ending

In our latest round-up of news on former Valiants – Billy Paynter is upset by manner of Doncaster exit, Ryan Burge attempts South African move and Dan Lloyd-Weston leaves Hereford.


Paynter upset at Doncaster’s ‘disappointing’ communication

Former Vale striker Billy Paynter has told the Doncaster Free Press that he was told of his release from the club by email. Paynter told the newspaper: “I knew it was coming but I ended up finding out by email which was pretty disappointing. I thought I’d at least be called into the office to talk it through and be given a few reasons why it didn’t really work out. But it wasn’t to be and I’m just looking ahead now.”

Nevertheless, Paynter still enjoyed his time at Rovers adding: “I really enjoyed my time in Doncaster. It was a great group of lads and I’ve made some really good mates. The year in League One was brilliant and I’ll never forget that day at Brentford. It was mad.”

Paynter’s plight echoes that of former Valiant Dave Brammer who was infamously told of his release from Vale Park via a text message sent by then chairman Bill Bratt.

Paynter has been linked with the Valiants and he told the press that: “There’s been a bit of interest so I’ll be deciding what’s going to be the best for me and my family. I’m still confident that I can make a big difference at a club and score goals. Hopefully there’s a club that agrees with me.”


Burge looking for South Africa move?

burge-ryanFormer Vale midfielder Ryan Burge could be moving to South African Premier League side Bidwest Wits after finishing his spell at League Two side Newport County.

Burge left Vale in controversial circumstances after a series of critical tweets and again it is Twitter that Burge has picked to announce his latest news. The former Newport man tweeted:


Lloyd-Weston leaves ‘unfair’ Hereford

Former Vale youth keeper, England ‘C’ International and Hereford fans player of the year (phew!) Daniel Lloyd-Weston has quit Hereford United over unpaid wages.  The keeper claims that the cash-strapped club have broken promises to pay the money, telling the BBC: “The money I’m owed might not sound too substantial to some people. But, as a percentage of what I am owed contractually, it is a lot. I need it to survive, to put food on the table…

“I just think what’s the point of making promises if they’re not going to keep them. It’s unfair and unjust how the club have treated this.

“It’s not like I’m asking for the earth. I’m not a £100,000 a week player from the Premier League. I’m on the equivalent of a minimum wage.

“Some lads have got mortgages and children. We kept our end of the bargain. We stayed and did the job.

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