Former Valiants: Does Perry hit the right note?

Former Valiants: Does Perry hit the right note?

Former Port Vale striker Kyle Perry has taken up an unusual second career – as the lead singer in a band!

Perry currently plays for Altrincham under the managership of former Vale boss Lee Sinnott. The side celebrated promotion to the Skrill Premier this weekend but Perry has more than football as a string to his bow.

The former Valiant has set up a band – Stubblemelt – with Alty team mate Tom Marshall.

This burst of creativity may come as a surprise to Vale fans who remember Perry as a no-nosense forward but the 28 year-old was a graphic artist before joining the club and he comments:  “I’ve always prided myself on my passion and commitment to my creativity this includes many artforms.”

He added that “recording our debut EP brought a tear to my eye.”

You can make your own mind up on Perry’s band with these videos:

The band’s website is available here –





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