First awards for duo, Loft into second

First awards for duo, Loft into second

Vale players Billy Knott and Joe Davis have picked up their first MOTM awards while skipper Doug Loft moves into second place on the leaderboard.

Registered users of the OVF forum vote on their player of the match after every first-team game.

Following  a busy passage of games, here is how the latest OVF MOTM awards were handed out:

  • Gillingham (A): Billy Knott
  • Swindon (H): Doug Loft
  • Colchester (H): Doug Loft
  • Shrewsbury (A): Joe Davis
  • Bradford (A): Joe Davis
  • Crewe (H): Tom Pope

Here’s how the overall leaderboard looks:

  • 9 votes: Chris Lines
  • 7 votes: Chris Neal, Doug Loft
  • 4 votes: Anthony Griffith
  • 3 votes: Carl Dickinson



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