Missing out on a free ticket at Feethams

Missing out on a free ticket at Feethams

In his latest Port Vale memoir, long-serving supporter Stuart Dean recalls a match against Darlington in February 1969.

Stuart Dean writes…

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This was my first visit to Feethams and I remember being outside the turnstiles when the Vale team coach pulled up. Roy Chapman, the Vale centre forward, offered to get me a complimentary ticket. I waited ages – not knowing what a long walk it was from the turnstiles to the football ground, a large cricket pitch being between the two – eventually paid and then met Roy coming the other way with my free ticket.

I remember being quite surprised walking back to the football ground that Roy (he seemed massive on the pitch) was no bigger than myself. I can’t remember too much about the match itself apart from that the Darlington centre forward at the time was a local dentist – Lance Robson.

The match programme is shown below:


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Who was Roy Chapman?


An experienced striker, Roy joined Vale from Lincoln in 1967. He stayed for two years with a record of 83 appearances and 37 goals. Roy’s son Lee Chapman would go on to play for Stoke City, Leeds and Sheffield Wednesday.















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