Confusion still reigns over Adams contract

Confusion still reigns over Adams contract

There appears to be two conflicting views of the Micky Adams contract debate this weekend with a national newspaper contradicting Chairman Norman Surthwaite’s optimistic view of events.

In an interview on Signal 2 on Friday, Smurthwaite was optimistic about the manager’s future,

The Vale owner said that he expected there to be “something on the table at the end of February, early March” and he was optimistic that Adams would come to an agreement by that time.

Smurthwaite added that he was very hopeful that Adams would agree to stay and that he would be “extremely disappointed if Micky Adams is not manager next season.”

However, the Daily Express has ran an article claiming that “Micky Adams has revealed how a contract row is threatening to cast a shadow over his side’s biggest FA Cup game in seven years.” It quotes Adams as saying “I’ve not been offered a contract so there is nothing to talk about at the moment.”

It could be that the newspaper is mischief making. Adams has not been offered a contract yet but Smurthwaite himself said that “something [will be] on the table at the end of February, early March.”

It’s also true that the scenario has been the same for several weeks now so the paper’s claim that the row is casting “a shadow” over the FA Cup game is some what of an exaggeration too.

However, it is certainly true that the vast majority of Vale fans would like the manager’s future to be resolved sooner rather than earlier. Adams’ future is widely seen as key to the club’s fortunes on the pitch and a player exodus (fourteen are out of contract in the summer) is predicted if Adams leaves.

Many would argue that the best way to settle this is for Adams to either sit down and discuss a contract sooner rather than later.

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