Duo battle it out for OVF award

Two players with very different roles in the Port Vale side are battling out for the overall OVF player of the season award.

With just one game still to play, three players stand on top of the OVF player of the year leaderboard. But with Ryan Burge having left the club, it is now left to goalkeeper Chris Neal and top scorer Tom Pope to battle it out for the overall OVF player of the season award.

If neither of the duo don’t win the MOTM award against Wycombe then the OVF annual award will be shared for the third time in a row.

Here’s an update on the MOTM awards from recent games:

  • Burton: Lee Hughes
  • Aldershot: Anthony Griffith
  • Rochdale: Adam Yates
  • Northampton: Liam Chilvers

The OVF MOTM awards have been running for three seasons. The first annual award for 2010-2011 was shared between centre-halves John McCombe and Gareth Owen while last season midfielder Anthony Griffith and striker Tom Pope finished joint-top.

The vote for the Wycombe match will be open to all registered users after the game. The poll will be displayed on the front of the OVF forum.

Current leaderboard:

6 votes:
Neal, Burge, Pope
5 votes:
Morsy, Dodds
4 votes:
Myrie-Williams, Loft
3 votes:
Jones, Yates
2 votes:
Purse, McDonald
1 vote:
Johnson, Williamson, McCombe, Griffith, Hughes, Chilvers


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