Adams slams ‘cowardly’ Morsy tackle

Adams slams ‘cowardly’ Morsy tackle

Port Vale manager Micky Adams has labelled Sam Morsy’s red-carded challenge against Rochdale that of a “coward” and fined him the maximum possible fine.

I can’t condone that tackle, it was outrageous…

Adams told the Sentinel: “I can’t condone that tackle, it was outrageous.

“He’s apologised, he has a three-match ban coming up and he has been fined the maximum I can fine him.

“John McCombe got sent off at Northampton, but I will accept that every day of the week because it was a genuine attempt to play the ball.

“But I will be honest. I called Sam a coward after the game.

“He went for the ball, but he also then went to hurt their lad. I don’t want to see that in my team.”

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