Young: new bidders 'negotiating seriously'

Young: new bidders 'negotiating seriously'

Administrator Bob Young has told the Sentinel that he has met with two alternative bidders who have been “negotiating seriously” with the club about becoming Vale’s new owner.

Young told the newspaper that he is confident that either preferred bidder Keith Ryder or one of the new new bidders will be in place before the start of the season.

Young told the newspaper: “We are progressing with the other two parties. They have not as yet come up with the money but they seem to be negotiating seriously.”

Meanwhile, Young confirmed that Keith Ryder had paid his share of the club wages. He commented: “The £60,000 has arrived and that is surely not the actions of a man who does not intend to complete the deal.”

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  1. The meeting to approve the CVA by the creditors & members took place on the 26th of April so Keith Ryder knew then that he was the preferred bidder , Now over 3 months later Vale are still in admin,serious questions need to be asked of Bob Young & co & Keith Ryder , What have they been doing in all that time,supporters had been lead to belive that it was the Football league holding everything up,2 weeks before the start of the season, Players not signed,ST not been issued and now the SC have stepped in to pay for maintainance so that friendies can take place, I dispair.

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