Another 24 hours?

Another 24 hours?

Administrator Bob Young has told fans at Monday’s Supporters Club meeting that he has had a phone conversation with Keith Ryder and Ryder has promised to lodge his takeover money with his solicitors on Tuesday.

What’s going on at Vale?
Confused by the situation at Vale Park? The club entered administration in March and Keith Ryder was soon named as the club’s preferred bidder. But his period of excluisivty ended in July with Ryder still unable to complete his bid. Now other bidders have entered the frame with Vale’s future still very unclear. You can see how events unfold in our day-by-day diary here

Fans are likely to be remain somewhat cynical until Ryder actually does deliver, but Young did explain to the supporters present that there were mitigating circumstances as the delays have been caused by “extreme personal circumstances.”

Ryder was originally given a deadline of the 31st July and supporters have been frustrated by a series of delays. Many will be hoping that Ryder can finally deliver on Tuesday.

We will have further news coverage from the SC meeting on Tuesday evening.

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  1. Well the money should be in the bank by now if KR is telling the truth,if not good bye KR nd let’s go for plan B. enough is enough.

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