"We've had a little peck on the cheek" – Vale quotes of the season

"We've had a little peck on the cheek" – Vale quotes of the season


To kick off our end of season review, we’ve been looking through the news archives and compiled our top ten list of Port Vale quotes this season.

So, in Top of the Pops-style here’s the rundown from ten to one…

10. Breathtaking arrogance and self-importance from former Chairman Bill Bratt, March 2012

“If all the other bidders fall by the wayside and the club was in danger of going into liquidation, then myself and other former directors, like Stan Meigh, could put together a rescue package. We care about the club and we wouldn’t leave it high and dry.

9. Perry Deakin’s frankly astonishing conclusion about his part in Vale’s decline, December 2011

“I was persuaded to join the board, and despite having reservations I did what I was asked to do because I was told it was in the best interests of the club. I don’t feel I misled the fans because I was told what to do, and it was in the best interests of the club.”

8. Martin Tideswell on the Bill Bratt regime, December 2011

“What a shame it is that, in fighting so hard to prevent local businessman Mo Chaudry from taking over the club ‘on the cheap’, the previous regime have actually handed the keys to people whom I believe have put the Vale in an even worse position than it was six months ago.”

7. Adam Yates on surviving administration, April 2012

“I’m happy that the club has stayed afloat. Regardless of where the club finishes, if we had gone out of business that would have been the most disastrous thing for this football club and for the city. But it hasn’t and we are looking onwards and upwards. I am a firm believer that what doesn’t destroy you can only make you stronger.”

6. Mike Lloyd on how he feels the club should operate, July 2011

“It is the club that counts, not board members or individuals. The board do not own the club, we are stewards who run it to the best of our ability.”

5. Blue Sky chief Hank Julicher responds to Vale claims of a multi-million pound investment in Vale, December 2011

“I’d have to be crazy or on drugs to agree to such a thing.

4. And here’s Hank again, an alleged comment to Peter Miller during a meeting in 2011

“Where’s the beef, baby?”

3. After Chairman Mike Lloyd repeatedly avoids answering questions on BBC Radio Stoke, Martin Tideswell asks him a simple question he should be able to answer, February 2012

“Mike, do you need a hand with your packing?”

2. Micky Adams tries sarcasm when describing Crawley manager Steve Evans, August 2011

“I’m really honoured that I’m in the opposition dugout next to such a great person, manager, someone that’s done it all in the game…”

And our quote of the season is…

1. Micky Adams on new owner Keith Ryder, April 2012

“We’re just holding hands at the minute. And he’s saying all the right things to me. We’ve had a little peck on the cheek and we’ve not had a row yet. We’re still very much in love. And we’re both preparing for a challenge on the Second Division title next season.”

Are there any we’ve missed? Post a comment below with your favourite.

There will be more features reviewing the season on OVF in the coming days.

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  1. “It’s like me catching my wife having an affair, isn’t it? I might forgive her, but it will still be in the back of my mind. And if she does it again, then that’s the end because we’re getting divorced.” Micky Adams, Oct 2011. Surely that has to be up there?!!

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