Adams’ full-back failings need fixing

Adams’ full-back failings need fixing

OVF editor Rob Fielding looks back at Micky Adams’ full-back signings . Fielding says a left-back should be top of the summer wishlist and hopes that this signing proves to be fourth time lucky for the Port Vale manager.

Rob Fielding writes…

So what exactly have Rob Kozluk, Phil Roe and Mike Green got in common?

The simple answer is that none of these Micky Adams’ signings have managed to establish themselves in the Port Vale full-back positions.

Failed full-backs

Phil Roe: 3 appearances
Rob Kozluk: 7 appearances
Mike Green: 4 appearances

The players who have appeared most regularly in that position under Adams – Adam Yates and Lee Collins – were both at the club before Adams joined, while Adams himself has had most success with converting players into the full-back role; Doug Loft, Rob Taylor and the unsung Kris Taylor, for instance.

There have been successful signings by Adams in other positions; in goal: Stuart Tomlinson had a great debut season; in midfield: Doug Loft has been impressive, upfront: Craig Davies was a tremendous loan signing. But at full-back, Adams has repeatedly drawn a blank.

It’s ironic that this position has caused Adams so much difficulty, considering that he was a full-back himself during his playing career.

Fans will no doubt be speculating who should replace the departed Anthony Griffith and Sean Rigg, but to me a decent left-back should come ahead of both those positions and be one of Micky Adams’ top priorities.

Lee Collins has moved on to Barnsley and Phil Roe has been released and surely most of us will want to see Doug Loft restored to midfield. So, there is now an urgent requirement to bring a new left-back (and possibly a right-back to provide Adams Yates with competition) to the club over the summer.

After the failures of Kozluk, Roe and Green, I’m just hoping that it’s fourth time lucky for Micky Adams….

Rob Fielding is a Port Vale supporter of 32 years and… sorry, Micky, he’d make a useless full-back…

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