Adams should get his facts right before criticising forums

Adams should get his facts right before criticising forums

OVF founder Rob Fielding responds to recent criticism of online forums from Port Vale manager Micky Adams.

Fielding says Adams not only got his facts wrong, but he is asking the impossible in demanding rumours to stop.

Rob Fielding writes…

Dear, oh dear… I’ve been here before…

Rob Fielding has been a Vale fan for over 30 years and has been running OVF since 1995. He doesn’t own an armchair…

This is not the first time I have defended and its forum from criticism and it probably won’t be the last. I’ve had words with Martin Foyle, Brian Horton and backroom staff in the past and I’ve dealt with plenty of criticism from the boardroom.

I would accept complaints if they were fair, but if the criticism is factually wrong, unrealistic and contradictory as I will show Adams’ comments to be, then I feel such criticism deserves a response.

So, I’d like to reply to Micky’s comments…

“there are now more messages about me wanting to join Gillingham apparently.”

Here’s the link to the first story about Micky Adams linked to Gillingham and it was in that notorious Port Vale fans forum… ahem… Sky Sports News (

Yes, Micky, in actual fact the story was carried in the MEDIA. Yes, the press – the TV, radio and newspapers. Newspapers like the Sentinel (who also carried the story here – that you are making the complaint in. Are you going to tell the Sentinel off now?

So, don’t blame “message boards” for this, it was the press ‘wot started it’ and fans on forums are merely reacting to those rumours. It’s to be expected – if their manager is linked with another club by the media, they are hardly likely to not pass comment on it, are they?

“I want them [rumours] to stop”

Now, here’s the rub. You want fans to stop spreading rumours. How exactly is that going to happen? Rumours in football have been present since the dawn of the game and having a pop at message boards is not going to stop it now.

Football rumours did exist prior to the 1990’s when the world wide web was invented, you know! Prior to the Internet, fans would gossip at work, in the pubs and on the terraces.

You can’t stop rumours. Ignore them, deny them, prove them wrong by all means, but most importantly… learn to live with them!


“I don’t read these message boards, or whatever they are called, but I have been told all about them….”

Then you go on to tell us how you are committed to Port Vale, an experienced manager and “living in the real world”.

You infer that fans don’t have the right to comment on your job because they are “armchair” critics and you have “been in the game a long time”

But, by your own admittance,  you haven’t even seen these forums (which perhaps explains why you incorrectly thought the Gills rumour started on them) and yet you feel free to pass judgement on them. Do you see the irony perhaps? You criticise “armchair managers” but you’re an “armchair” Internet critic commenting on things you haven’t even read yourself

I’m sorry, Micky but just like the fact that football rumours are here to stay – you may have to deal with the fact that online fans messageboards (or whatever they are called) will be here for some time too.

I think it’s you who needs to (to use your own quote) “live in the real world..


  1. Very good artiicle and much needed in reply to the managers comments.
    I dont believe for one second that Adams as manager of Port Vale FC does not read the clubs fan forums.( I know I would)

  2. bang on the money rob , well said.

    micky if it is within your power to dispel rumours that can in your mind harm the club , then please feel free to do so . in this instance, why not on the day of the press release from sky distance yourself from the vacancy by saying your are not interested ? it really is that simple.

  3. As I see it Micky is just trying to dispel the rumours that he is off to gillingham. It doesn’t really matter where these rumours started and for this site’s founder to make an issue of it appears somewhat petty! How about we stop sniping and get behind the manager for a change!!

  4. Excellent article. Adams has once again proved that he is not a very intelligent manager. Indeed it really shows why he is managing Port Vale !

  5. If Micky Adams simply wanted to dispel the rumours that he was linked with the Gillingham job, why did he not just do that instead of turning this into an attack on the fans – many of whom dug deep into their pockets to help his players when the club went into Administration. I trust he will be contacting the Gillingham newspaper as well to make similar complaints about the fans who have discussed this on their message board.

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