Young: five bids in the frame

Young: five bids in the frame

You can listen again to an exclusive interview with Port Vale administrator Bob Young in 6 Towns Radio. In the interview Young reveals that five bidders remain in the frame to be the club’s preferred bidders.

Young told the programme:

  • The Club debt is £2.8m
  • £300,000 owed in player wages and unpaid loan fees to other clubs
  • No former directors have submitted a bid for the club and Young is not expecting any
  • He would expect bidders to reveal themselves once the “preferred bidder” process is complete
  • There have been around a dozen enquiries about buying the club
  • Five bids remain in the frame and are “all asking the right questions”
  • If Marc Richards had been keen to leave he would have been allowed to leave, but he made it clear he wanted to stay

The whole interview lasts around 20 minutes and you can listen to the programme here:

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