Starve ‘Em Out becomes Feed ‘Em Up

Starve ‘Em Out becomes Feed ‘Em Up

The Starve ‘Em Out campaign has announced it has run its course and has been replaced by a new Feed ‘Em Up campaign.

The website states that:

Starve Em Out was born out of desperation. Desperation that the club we love was being run by an incompetent board who consistently put their own interests above those of Port Vale FC. Those same people have subsequently taken our club to the very brink of extinction and in the process scripted their own demise. They must now be kept well away from our club.

Starve Em Out caught the imagination of many and almost became a symbol of struggle to get rid of a board hated by those they were paid to serve. Finally after months of struggle, those people no longer wield any power over our beloved club.

We believe it is now time for every Port Vale fan to unite in a common cause and undo the damage done by MOLD & co. It is time to feed much needed funds into Port Vale Football Club, safe in the knowledge that the likes of Lloyd, Deakin, Oliver, Bratt, Miller or any of their ilk will have no say in how it is spent. With the Starve Em Out campaign now having run its course, it is surely time to Feed ‘Em Up.

Now, more than ever, it is time for every single Vale fan to stand together and show just how much our club means to us. Now is the time to switch from the Starve- Em- Out campaign to a new and exciting Feed ‘Em Up campaign and show why Port Vale fans are indeed the best in the world. With a new resolve amongst its fans to bring revenue into our beloved club, we believe Port Vale FC will not only survive, but over time, it can only prosper.

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