Shrewsbury’s ticket policy causes controversy

Shrewsbury’s ticket policy causes controversy

Shrewsbury Town have provoked controversy by charging fans to attend the rearranged fixture against the Valiants at the New Meadow.

The fixture has had to be rearranged for a third time and is now set to take place on Tuesday April 17th. The first fixture fell victim of the weather while the second was abandoned in the second-half, due to a fire in the main stand.

However, the accepted procedure for games that are abandoned in mid-match is for clubs to allow supporters admission for free on production of their receipt or ticket stub.

Although prices have been reduced, the move to charge fans has prompted criticism from both Shrewsbury Town and Port Vale fans on Internet message boards. One Town fan on the well-respected Blue and Amber forum commented that it was a “disgusting decision by the club” while on this website, one user said “they [Shrewsbury] have clearly seen the crowd and decided to make some extra income from the fixture.”

The match has also caused controversy over another matter. With Vale trailing the second fixture 1-0 before it was abandoned, some Shrewsbury fans are calling for the Valiants to “do the right thing” and allow the home side to score an unopposed goal in the third meeting.

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