Shameless Bratt: I’ll save the Vale

Former chairman and CEO Bill Bratt appears to have whitewashed his considerable part in producing Port Vale’s financial woes and has told the Sentinel that he would step forward to rescue the club if no other bidders are acceptable.

Bratt made this startling statement to the Sentinel saying: “I’ve heard rumours I’m involved in the bidding, but I haven’t talked to anyone about it.

“I’m not going to get involved at the moment as there are many bids on the table.

“I also had too much aggravation from fans the last time I was on the board and wouldn’t want to put my family through that again.

“But if all the other bidders fall by the wayside and the club was in danger of going into liquidation, then myself and other former directors, like Stan Meigh, could put together a rescue package. We care about the club and we wouldn’t leave it high and dry.”

OVF haven’t the time to point out the numerous holes in Mr Bratt’s statement apart from adding that he would do to remember the vote of no confidence his board received in June 2011. That should be a strong indication, even to someone as thick-skinned as Mr Bratt, that his involvement in Port Vale in the future would not be welcomed and we’d suggest Mr Bratt leaves it to better qualified people to save the Vale…