OVF returns – and this time it's mobile…

OVF returns – and this time it's mobile…

Welcome to our new-look OVF website. Often when things change on OVF users get upset, so we’re going to try and help by trying to explain as much as possible about the new site.

We’d like to appeal to you all to be patient with the new site – yes, things are different but the system we have changed to offers a lot of potential for things such as live Q&A sessions, live blogging and lots of other applications. In short, we think this site makes OVF up-to-date and a worthy upgrade from our rather old and tired forum we used to use.

You can log on to the forum using your existing username and password. Once you are logged into the forum you can also comment on the articles on the site using your existing forum username.

The most significant change for OVF is that this new site is entirely mobile-friendly which means you can view our articles and the forum via your mobile phone.

Secondly, there’s been a lot of work behind the scenes to try and keep the site stable during times of high traffic. Rather than relying on one forum database, this site now has a forum database and a WordPress datanbase for our articles.

That is about it for this article – take a look at our guide for more information on using the site.

Thanks for your support of OVF!

Rob and the whole of the OVF admin team

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