I’m still waiting for actions, not words…

I’m still waiting for actions, not words…

In Rob Fielding’s latest “One Vale View” column he revisits an old article and repeats his request for the board to demonstrate their alleged “appetite for change” in light of appeals for information from NLV and Mark Sims.

Rob also asks whether Micky Adams will put his money where his mouth is and is happy to eat his own words over Robbie Williams’ commitment to the club.

Board’s stalling tactics won’t restore confidence

At the start of this month, I wrote a response to the board’s promise of an “appetite for change.” My reply said: “…now is not the time for words from the board. We’ve had more than enough of them. Now is the time for them to prove they mean what they say and deliver on their promises to ‘change.'”

Sadly, it seems those words have not been heeded. In the last few days, both the North London Valiants (NLV) and Mark Sims have complained about the board’s inability to respond quickly to their requests.

It is somewhat ironic that Director Glenn Oliver told the Sentinel newspaper that “I respectfully request that Mr Sims makes a quick decision to join the board so we can move forward.”

Well, I am sure that Mr Sims and North London Valiants would also ‘respectfully request’ that Mr Oliver and Co. come up with some quick responses, so they can also ‘move forward.’

Quoting from my previous feature, I’d like to repeat this phrase – “only when the board deliver and change can they regain the faith of the fans who are the lifeblood of this club, only when they change can we unite and take the club forward.”

And with both NLV’s and Mark Sims’ requests in the in-tray, it’s now definitely time for the board to deliver.

Will Micky put his money where his mouth is?

I remain disappointed that Micky Adams has agreed to join the board and one reason is the sponsorship by Stan Meigh.

A director requires £50,000 of shares to take a seat on the board. With Adams having no shares and the board not able to issue new shares at the time, all the proposed new directorships have had to be sponsored.

However, Meigh was only recently ousted by shareholders at the EGM and his sponsorship of Adams has naturally lead to fears of directorship by the backdoor.

My fears would be eased if Adams had some financial independence and purchased his own shareholding. I am puzzled that this has not taken place now Adams is in place, especially as the newly “legitimised” board would be able to issue the new share capital.

Adams was keen to state he was no puppet director telling the official website “it’s not a case of Stan Meigh putting an arm up my back and telling me ‘you’re going to vote the way I want you to…'” and in an earlier statement the club confirmed that “it is also Micky’s intention, when legal formalities permit, to invest £50,000 of his own funds to purchase shares.”

So, Micky it’s time to put up or shut up…

Ten years on, Robbie shows his true colours…

In a 2001 feature for the Guardian newspaper I penned an open letter to Robbie Williams saying: “for a publicity-hungry pop star you seem to have a done a pretty good job of shying away from your association with Port Vale.”

Well, I’m delighted to consign that feature to the OVF waste bin, following the news that Robbie now seems to be firmly on board with the view of the vast majority of Vale fans.

His public display of a black and gold scarf at a recent Take That! concert is a welcome sign. Unlike my claim in my 2001 article, Robbie has not “abandoned his roots.”

And all Vale fans should be very grateful for that.

About the author: Rob Fielding has been a Port Vale fan for thirty years. He founded the award-winning onevalefan.co.uk website in 1996. These are his personal views and he welcomes your comments on them.

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