Our Pledge To Save Port Vale

Barry is fully aware that thousands of supporters are doing what they can financially to keep Port Vale FC in the safe hands of true blue Valaints. He too is doing everything he can – financially and otherwise – to keep predators and administration away from the hallowed turf of the Hamil.

He hopes his latest poem goes some way towards making a small difference.


Our Pledge to Save Port Vale

No matter what the time is,
Morning, noon or night,
And no matter where we are
We must maintain the fight,
For victory will be ours
If we rally to the call
To save Port Vale Football Club
From going to the wall.

Our foes are ever present
And come in various guise
To plunder and to pillage
Before our very eyes,
But the Founding Fathers’ voices,
The hills and valleys shaking,
Should encourage Valiants everywhere
And keep our hearts from breaking.

Gone are the days of knights
And war-cry’s deafening thunder
Required to save our heritage
When our foes we cast asunder,
Today our freedom cry
Does not require the sword
But our solemn oath to pledge
On Fielding’s message board.

Yes, Fielding’s world wide site
Is provided free to all,
And an excellent place for us
To rally to the call,
Plus a super way to thank
A truly generous man
By pledging cash donations
On Fielding’s onevalefan.

For as little as five quid
We can own a precious share
In the hope to make a difference
And an answer to our prayer
That we can finally say
Our ‘Club is not for sale,
For this is our solemn promise
‘Our pledge to save Port Vale’.

Barry Edge
Western Australia
December 22, 2003


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