The Nantwich revelations

The Nantwich revelations

Copies of documents showing that Port Vale reneged on a pre-existing contract with Nantwich Town.

Editorial Note:

The original article and images is reproduced below. The publication of this article led to Vale withdrawing its challenge and paying the unpaid bill in full.

Nantwich Town Chairman Jon Gold has allowed OVF to display correspondence between Nantwich and Port Vale, which shows that Port Vale CEO Perry Deakin’s recent statement on the official Port Vale FC website contained a number of factual errors.

Specifically these are:

1. Vale were not informed of the charges
Port Vale CEO Perry Deakin’s statement claims at “no stage were Port Vale ever informed that they would have to pay for the artificial pitches” yet OVF has a copy of a letter [Editor’s note: this is a letter not a purchase order as originally labelled] sent to Port Vale on the 31st Dec 2010.

A copy of this is below:


2. Vale never requested a purchase order [invoice]
Mr Deakin’s statement claims that “a purchase order was never requested [by Port Vale]” but OVF has a copy of a request from Port Vale’s accountant for an invoice on the 26th January 2011

Here is the email trail:

Nantwich business manager emails the Vale with the bill
Vale’s PA forwards the email to the club secretary and club accountant
The club accountant asks for an invoice
3. The summer friendly was part of a “gentleman’s agreement”
Mr Deakin’s statement claims that Port Vale’s summer friendly was part of a “gentleman’s agreement” between the clubs but we have a copy of a letter sent by Nantwich Town that explains in detail that the friendly was arranged to compensate Nantwich for the transfer of Ritchie Sutton.

Here is the letter:

Finally, here is the relevant section of the actual Ritchie Sutton contract:


In light of this evidence, we call on Mr Deakin to correct his earlier statement, to ensure Nantwich receive the monies they are owed and to apologise to both Nantwich Town and Port Vale fans for this humiliating and embarrassing mess.

We feel it would be very disappointing and unhelpful if he didn’t do these things straight away.

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