No Micky, your move is political

No Micky, your move is political

OVF founder Rob Fielding tells Micky Adams to withdraw his bid to be a director in an open letter to the Port Vale manager.

Dear Micky

I have to completely disagree with your statement posted on the official Port Vale website on Tuesday.

In it, you say: “It is not a political thing. It is something that I really don’t want to get involved in… It is not a case of Stan Meigh putting his arm up my back and telling to me ‘You’re going to vote the way I want you to vote Micky’, no, no, no, I’m my own man, I’ll do whatever I want to do…'”

I am sorry Micky, but you are wrong and here’s why:

By joining the board, you are legitimising a group of directors who have lost a vote of “no confidence” (and do not have the pride and dignity to resign following it). That is a political decision, and like it or not, Micky, you will be shoring up a discredited regime who have no mandate from the fans.

Even if you are your “own man” if you do get elected you will be one person in a four man board that can make club-threatening decisions. Even if you object, you will be potentially out-voted by three votes to one.

Even if Mark Sims and a NLV candidate join, it will potentially still be three votes each with the Chairman casting the deciding vote. In other words Micky, by joining, you will allow the board to function, but no matter what you think, your own views and thoughts will count for nothing.

I appreciate your passion and commitment to being a football manager. The best way to demonstrate it is to avoid distractions and concentrate on what you do best – managing. I understand things are tough in terms of making signings this summer, but we are fighting for the long-term future of the club here, not the immediate season.

I urge you to reconsider and cancel your proposal. If you do so you would gain the support, trust and thanks of the vast majority of Port Vale supporters and shareholders.


Rob Fielding

A paper copy of this letter was posted to Micky Adams.

Rob Fielding has been a Port Vale fan for thirty years. He founded the award-winning website in 1996. These are his personal views and he welcomes your comments on them.

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