Humphreys: board have had their day

Humphreys: board have had their day

Former director Paul Humphreys urged fans to back the Supporters Club proposed interim board during a well attended meeting at Smallthorne Victory WMC.

Humphreys is one of six candidates proposed as a replacement interim board. The Supporters Club hope the interim board will be voted in by shareholders at the forthcoming EGM.

Humphreys addressed fans at a meeting saying: “When I was on the board I tried to make changes – I’ve got Vale at heart, not myself.

“The majority of fans want the board to go and so do I as they’ve had their day.”

The businessman insisted he has no desire to remain on the board in the long term and that he is favour of scrapping the club’s 24.9 per cent share rule.

Humphreys also said he would be willing to work with the current directors, if he is elected and they survive the shareholders’ vote but only to facilitate new investment.

“As much as I like Mike and Glenn Oliver on a personal level they’re not wanted as directors,” Humphreys added.

“We would have to work with them in the short term, but I’m pretty certain the fans would still want them out. So we would have to go to a second phase of trying to remove them again.”


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