Without the children…

Without the children…

Barry Edge has a poignant poem about a family of Vale fans who have supported the club for over a hundred years…

Here’s Barry to introduce his verse:

When Chris aka Packmoor Valiant posted ‘How to lose even more fans’ Pete Tindall – OVF Moderator – replied…” Wow! What a poignant and deeply upsetting post. I can only imagine how torn you must feel.” Upsetting it most certainly was, and one which tugged away at the heartstrings. After all, Port Vale has not enjoyed the best of time these last 8 years – with recent events compounding our worst nightmares.

So here is Chris’ story.

Oh, before I go, Chris wants you all know how thankful he is for the many messages of empathy and support, and for the many offers of shirts, plus the suggestion that his boys’ will be official mascots for the first home game after we are rid of the current ‘Board.

Without The Children

I was well looking forward to buying my eldest
His first proper strip – a priceless sale,
Another young Barlow to wear the colours
And the fifth generation to follow the ‘Vale

For months he’s been training, along with his brother,
To chant with gusto both hearty and hale
Whilst driving their mum to the point of distraction
When each time they shouted ‘COME ON YOU VALE’

Now here’s my dilemma – a heartbreaking one
For I have vowed and declared I will not bail
Those feckless ‘Outsiders who clearly don’t care
And have ruined the good name of all things Port Vale

That they are still here simply beggars belief
And I truly believe the longer they stay
That we will go under, no more to exist,
With my sons never seeing the Valiants’ play

For a hundred plus years my family have been
True blue supporters through good times and bad
And though not a big ‘Club we’ve always been proud
But right now dear friends I’m feeling quite sad

I had promised my boys a strip they will have
But I’ve also declared not a penny will spend
To help these ‘Outsiders their pockets to line
Whilst sending Port Vale to a ruinous end

Now I know I’m not the only one
With the quandary a promise I would break
And when telling my sons the reasons why,
Whilst drying their tears, was hard to take

With reddened eyes they looked at me
As I struggled to find the words to say
And with the passing of the weeks
Their noisy chanting are fading away

Oh how I wish these feckless few
Could see the hurt in my son’s eyes
In the hope that they would understand
That without the children our ‘Club dies

So many questions we have asked,
Unanswered they remain,
And I’ve no doubt these Feckless Few
Should truly hang their heads in shame

In Cowards Castle they still plot
To keep us from the ‘Books,
So here’s my message to ‘Board
‘Go now, and sling your hooks’

I hope one day my sons will buy
A proper strip – a priceless sale
That their offspring will wear the colours
Of a sixth generation to follow the ‘Vale

Barry Edge
Western Australia
January 26, 2012

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