An Angell for his Angel

Exiled Valiant Barry Edge lives in Perth, Western Australia and is a regular columnist for onevalefan.

In this poem Barry highlights two episodes from Paul T Vale’s post, dated 26th September, regarding the lack of public relations when dealing with some of the staff in the Port Vale shop.


Paul T Vale paid for an Angell shirt for his own little angel. A straight forward deal, yes? Hmm, perhaps not. In addition, visitors from other Nationwide teams fair no better.

An Angell for his Angel

He tells us he’s ‘as mad as hell’
At those who run the Club Shop Bell
Located near the Hamil Road stand
And stockist for the Port Vale brand.

It was August and the Stockport game
When he paid for a shirt with Angell’s name
For his little girl, she’s only two,
With the promise ‘We will post to you’.

‘The supplier’s on it as we speak,
So we’ll send it to you sometime next week’,
But before he left, and being wise,
He confirmed that six was his little girl’s size.

Believing the ‘Shop would do its best
Paul made his way home to Middlesex,
But three weeks later enough was enough,
So he telephoned to follow-up.

The man in the ‘Shop’ said sorry to Paul
Saying the shortage of stock was not their call,
That they were doing their best to get it in,
And as soon as it arrives they’ll send it to him.

Paul’s inner thoughts were less than kind
And he was sorely tempted to speak his mind,
But he thought it best to bite his tongue,
That to attack the messenger was surely wrong.

The problem’s there for all to see,
It’s a fault in ‘Company policy
That seems to say ‘We do not care’
When you complain, should you dare.

Paul’s not prepared to hold his breath,
Wont even place an each way bet
On Brett Angell’s time in football,
Or before the shirt is far too small.


The second story’s much the same
Both equally true, as it is insane,
It’s about a thirteen-year old lad
Who’s truly Queens Park Rangers mad.

The lad and his dad go to every game,
Sometimes by road, sometimes by train,
That’s every game, both home and away,
Whether played at night, or during the day.

During their travels this little boy
Carries a QPR flag, his pride and joy,
And from every ground that he’s been in
He’s added to his flag another “Club pin.

Then one day they came to see the ‘Vale
And here begins the second tale
Where the little boy’s search ended in grief
In a ‘Shop of madness that beggars belief.

He was about to enter the Port Vale shop
When he was met at the door and ordered to stop
And told ‘You’re can’t come in wearing that shirt’,
Leaving the boy bewildered and emotionally hurt.

Was this a story of David and Goliath?
Were they worried the boy would cause a riot?
Plus, is this really the way to treat a kid
Who just wanted to spend ‘a couple of quid’?

Now this is where Paul, a little out of shame,
In the hope of salvaging the good Valiant name,
Arranged for a pin-badge be given the lad
And a personal apology sent to his dad.

Paul feels better this rant is off his chest,
But like all Valiants only wants the best,
And to that end he knows what’s to be done,
Become a member of Valiant-Two Thousand and One.

Barry Edge
Western Australia
October 3, 2002


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