AGS: we could do deal with a new board

AGS: we could do deal with a new board

Tim Hollinger, the CEO of Ameriturf Global Systems has hinted that the company would still be willing to invest in the club if the current board is removed.

In May 2010, Port Vale announced that AGS were ready to loan Vale an interest-free £100,000 loan, fund pre-season tours for the next 10 years, invest in artificial pitches and purchase shares worth £400,000 in return for two seats on the board.
But the deal was called off after the club announced a deal with artificial turf rivals Blue Sky Turf.

Any future deal is not likely to be on the same terms, but Hollinger has still indicated he is interested in linking up with the Valiants if the current, unpopular and discredited regime are removed.

Hollinger told the Sentinel: “I couldn’t work with the current board after what happened and losing up to $200,000.

“But if anybody wants to do a deal then I’d be interested in having dialogue with a new board about a new structure.

“We’re doing very well right here in America and don’t need to go abroad, but we still have a desire to promote our agenda with this type of programme and we are currently talking with four other English clubs.

“We liked Vale’s working-class community and we could still create a good facility for people to use.

“When I start something I don’t like quitting or losing, so I could be interested in getting this fixed.”

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