Thanks to all our donators

Our thanks to everyone who has donated to the upkeep of the OVF website. A list of those who have contributed to our considerable running costs is further down this page.
This list is updated regularly (although some names are missing due to donators who wish to remain anonymous.

If you wish to help contribute towards OVF’s hosting costs, please click below. We accept debit/credit cards and paypal payments.

A special thanks to…

We’d like to thank renowned artist Paine Proffitt who contributed a superb artwork to celebrate OVF’s fifteenth birthday. The image displays many of the highs (and lows) of OVF’s history. Thanks to the other regular contributors to this site: Barry Edge who has contributed many features; Gerard Austin, Alex Steventon (AS Photos) and Paul Humphreys who have both provided many images for us to use. Many other users have also provided photos, memorabilia, criticism, comments and interesting articles for us to feature. Many thanks to the admin team who do a voluntary job to professional standards and are the unsung heroes of OVF.

If we have missed you off the list, forgive us – but your contributions are all very welcome!

You ask for donations, what is the money for?

We have high hosting costs due to the traffic demands on this site. We also pay for additional RAM which helps keeps the site running when traffic on it is very high. We also pay for software licenses, image licenses etc – all of which make our monthly costs considerable.

OK, how can I help?

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List of financial contributers

Ann Vaughan, A P Chevin, Adrian Walker, Alan Jackson, Alan Tomkinson, Alison Simcock, Andrew Goodwin, Andrew Higgins, Andrew Leese, Andrew Pointon, Ann and Barry Edge, Anthony Holdford, Anthony Lloyd-Weston, ‘bad_loser’, Barry Edge, Benjamin Nejati, C G Birkett, Carl Johnson, Carol Wainwright, Caz Williams and Kristen Treeby, Chris Barcroft, Christopher Dale, Christopher Flye, Chris Heath, Christopher Rhead, Clare Turner, Clifford Matthewman, Damien Billington, Daniel Watts, David Bradley, Dave Felstead, Dave Johnson, David Clarke, David Hulse, David Williams, Dawn Hampton, Dean Leese, Denis Barlow, Denis Fitzgerald, Derek Walklate, E Yorke, Eddie and Jean Jackson, Edward Brougham, Edward Mansfield, Edward Sidley, Emma Wilshaw, GB Clark, G and I Lancaster, Gary Morris, Geoffrey Tomkinson, Graham Chadwick, Graham Wallis, Howard Yorke, Ian Baddeley, Ian Wallbank, Ivan Thomas, J Timmins, Jamie Barnett, James Doherty, James Gray, Jason Lowe, Jean Jackson, Jo-Anne Hassall, John Bayley, John Machin, John Miller, John Ruszkowski, John Ryan, Kevin Fitzgerald, Kevin Reynolds, Ken Grocott, Kenneth Tomkins, Leigh Briscoe, Leigh Wykes, Lee Davenport, Liat Norris, Lindon Roberts, Malcolm Hirst, Marcus Ashton, Mark Eltringham, Mark Finney, Mark Howell, Mark Taylor, Mark Whitby, Martin Sims, Mary Grocott, Matthew Ash, Mathew Cauchi, Matt Lorenz, Melvyn Finnemore, Meyrick Grundy, Michael Brosnahan, Michael Lingley, Michael Lievesley, Mike Askew, Mike Kelcey, Mike McCombe, Mike Rogers, Naomi Barley, Nathan Stubbs, Neil Phillips, Neil Truby, Neville Barry, Nicola Donnelly, Nicolas Barber, Nick Regnauld, Nick Shorthouse, Norman Rowley, North London Valiants, P F Tindall, Patricia Jones, Paul Ash, Paul Cooper, Paul Dawson, Paul Dwine, Paul Gallagher, Paul Machin, Paul McCann, Paul Treeby, Paul Higginson, Pete Tindall, Peter Ramsden, Peter Smith, Peter Spooner, Phil Oakes, Phillip Booth, Rachel Heenan, Ray Shaughnessy, Rich Gray, Richard Farrell, Richard Stanier, Philip Street, R E Lockett, Richard Thorpe, Richie Hawkins, Rob Cartlidge, Rob Curtis, Rob Irving, Robert Machin, Roy Thompson, Roy Walklett, Roger Green, Sean Nixon, Simon Brittain, Simon Turner, S J Butler, ‘SouthernKaz’, Stephen Colclough, Stephen Hall, Steve Evans, Stephen Lambourne, Stephen Miller, Sue Band, Tim Allman, Tim Casey, Timothy McNicholas, ’tisdeano’, T J Chesters, The Vale Park Beano, Timothy O’Keefe, Tony Boulton, Tony Deacon, Tracy Gandy, Tracey Hill, Trevor Bailey, Vicky Baker, William Keeling

If you have donated and we have inadvertently left you off this list, please let us know…