Walker: “Smoke and Mirrors”

Walker: “Smoke and Mirrors”

Former Port Vale Chief Executive Peter Walker has praised the club for accepting a fans-based consortium’s offer.Walker has been scathing in his dismissal of the Paladini bid, telling local press that it smacked of ‘desperation.’

Walker told the Staffordshire Sentinel that the Jackson deal was ‘the right decision.’

He added that Jackson was: ‘genuine and honest and a Port Vale fan for more than 40 years.’

The Stone-based Vale fan was dismissive of the offer by football agent Gianni Paladini saying: ‘I was very concerned about the other bid. I have heard of these things before and they are all smoke and mirrors.

‘There was no evidence of serious money and, to me, it was typical of a Vantis-based deal in their desperation to get into football.’||

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