OVF Praised For Anti-Racism Work

OVF Praised For Anti-Racism Work

In a New Year message from the Valiants Against Racism group, we are pleased to report that the onevalefan site has been praised for its work for the campaign.

The message from Valiants Against Racism reads:

The Valiants Against Racism campaign is keen to wish all onevalefan regulars a very happy new year and to thank every-one for their support for the campaign since its formation in autumn 2003.

In particular, the campaign would like to thank site editor Rob Fielding for his support for our aims and objectives and his willingness to help to get the anti-racist message out to fans of the club, by allowing the campaign to publicise our activities on the onevalefan site.

The campaign will continue to push forward with its central message of combating racism and promoting inclusion of black and minority ethnic groups in the activities of the club and will seek to make Port Vale FC a club that is representative of all of the Potteries multi-ethnic communities.

Best wishes to every-one and here’s hoping for a racism-free year at Vale Park.


Steve Bradbury
Chair of Valiants Against Racism

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