Doubts Remain Over Paladini Deal

Doubts Remain Over Paladini Deal

While Charles Machin may bombard the media with reports that the club is on its last legs and the Paladini deal is the only option, Chairman Bill Bratt has expressed reservations about the Italian Agent taking a controlling share in the club.

Machin has been deluging the media and in particular the Evening Sentinel, with statements regarding the Paladini offer.

According to Machin, who judging by the crowd reaction on Sunday has alienated a section of the supporters, the club is literally on its last legs and the Paladini offer represents the only valid option for the club to stay in existence. If Paladini did take over the club, it is understood that Machin would remain in his current role as Vice-Chairman.

Machin has been covered particularly extensively in the Evening Sentinel newspaper. Last week, the same newspaper revealed the name of Bill Bratt’s preferred ‘mystery fan’ bidder, effectively scuppering the Chairman’s own preferred option for a controlling stake in the club.

The Staffordshire Sentinel claims that the Paladini deal would see the Italian Football Agent pledging an initial £150,000 with first option on a further controlling stake of £380,000 worth of shares. The deal would take an estimated six weeks to complete.

However, other board members have problems with the terms of the £150,000 cash injection and that the hugely respected club Chairman Bill Bratt still has strong reservations about the deal.

Bratt told the Sentinel: “I have big worries about handing over this controlling stake. We will be helpless. I just want Port Vale to remain in Burslem and for the fans not to be let down.”

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