“We Wouldn’t Own New Ground”

“We Wouldn’t Own New Ground”

In an exclusive interview with onevalefan, Chairman Bill Bratt has confirmed that any potential new stadium built by the new investors would not be owned by the club.

As rumours of potential administration and takeovers abound, the onevalefan website has managed to speak exclusively to Port Vale Chairman Bill Bratt about the current situation at the club.

Bratt talking to us after a club meeting told this site: “We need to get £100,000 from supporters to give them a majority say in any board votes.”

Talking about any potential deals with investors Bratt told us: “All three groups are property developers. Any takeover would give the group concerned a majority say. With that majority they could do what they want without the supporters’ backing. We are desperate that fans contribute what they can so that they can hold a majority of shares.”

Bratt confirmed to onevalefan that Vale would not be in control of any new stadium development saying: “Once you give control of the club to anyone, it is out of the fans control. The persons holding the majority stake could stop any developments at any time.”

The Vale Chairman also confirmed that rumours of a division on the Vale board are correct telling us: “There are differences of opinion which you can read about in the Sentinel. You could call it a rift. I, for one, do not want to sell the club out of the control of the fans.”

Contact the club for details if you can afford to buy shares. The telephone number for Port Vale is 01782 655 800.

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